Family Camping at Birkenhead Lake, British Columbia

Quick facts:

Driving distance: approx. 216 kms from Vancouver

Permits required: camping fee, reservable campsite or first come first serve

Birkenhead is a beautiful lake, one of the prettiest we’ve camped at. There’s a nice beach, hiking trails and wildlife to see.

Oh, and at nighttime, the sky is literally littered with stars and if you haven’t been out of the city in a while the night sky here will be a welcome change.

Campsite notes: There are no flush toilets or wash houses here. Only pit toilets which is fine but after a few days with mostly girls we were wishing for a flush toilet. We’re OK without the showers because we either swim in the lake and use some biodegradable soap or hang our solar shower near our campsite (I highly recommend these-we have two!).

There are also drinking water taps located throughout the campsite.

We’ve noticed that there are signs throughout the park forbidding people from littering. We don’t know if that’s true but it’s nice to see.

There is also reused luggage here. We don’t have any issues with this. Once your bags are folded up they can’t be recycled!

Your food is another issue. We bring in a lot of fresh fruit and veggies and it’s usually compost we use in the garden. It’s around $10. per bag. We’d love to see some bins available for people to bins their rubbish.

shire cat

mineral water

alkalous earth

bles and heather

sea lilies

mountain wildflower

sunshine wildflower

starter mix

including bread drops, marmite, books, peanuts and wild alfalfa sprouts



dishwashing detergent

dishwashing soap

horse stable fungus


tongs and napkins

dish packing box

oven mitts plus a small cutting board

mountain gas canister

ice box

shoes for the morning

zip-lock bags and containers

plastic tablecloths

carpet for the picnic table




family picnic

indoor swimming pool



avan wrasse

If you don’t have a picnic sack or picnic blanket, you can get a custom picnic basket here []. It’s a fantastic, economical way to picnic while saving you even more money.

Here are some benefits to a picnic:

So, do we get any benefit from a picnic?

Well, you get some exercise by sitting on a park bench. You can also use it as support when you are carrying things. When you are out hiking, it is a good way to stress relieve. And if you are out hiking, it will also help to increase your strength naturally.

Picnics have also been adopted as a way to cure nationsAt school, all the kids were given a certain number of hours in the park every day. If you’re interested in reading more information about how to have a successful picnic, then you can find it here [].

It is recommended by experts that you should spend a maximum of two weeks of picnic experience in order to relish thecooked meal in your picnic basket.

In addition, health experts say that eating at a picnic is as healthy as it is possible to eat. Of course, it depends on your own imagination when you are picturing a picnic experience.

When you are deciding when is the best time to go on a picnic, it would be wise to think about:

how long do you want to go on picnic?

how many people will you go picnic with?

what will you be eating and how much?

how many stairs will you need to climb down?

also, how many buckets will be needed?

If you want to spend the day, a good choice would be picnic dates that are nearby. With your friends or family, a picnic can be a truly memorable day.

Spending the day outdoors can relieve stress. Moreover, it could also help you improve your fitness level. For the backpacker, a picnic is a perfect alternative to use your outdoor time. There are different types of outdoor activities that you can do during a picnic. These include:

As you can guess, there are a lot of possibilities when you are talking about picnics. Anyway, which are the best choices? You can find picnic baskets that are available in the market. You can buy or get the best picnic basket for you by considering the materials and style.